• QCI-BO-S3E



SilverSterling S3 Basic Breakout w/ Drive Enable


The SilverSterling S3 Basic Breakout connects directly to the SilverSterling S3’s 15-pin interface port (SIP), which breaks out, RS-485 communication, CAN, 4 I/O, and Drive Enable.

The DE (Drive Enable) input allows the drive circuit to be hardware disabled. This provides a hardware safety option that allows the entire driver circuit to be disabled while the control electronics remain active. Current position information as well as any other user information is maintained. The DE (Drive Enable) input requires 6v to 48v to enable the drive.

The provided screws lock the breakouts to the DB15HD connector. There are two, 8 position terminal blocks that secure wiring.

Terminal Connector Wire Range: 16-28 AWG

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QCI-BO-S3E S3 Breakout with Drive Enable

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